About Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders Education is organizing the Intercultural Awareness Initiative (IAI) to support faculty across the US in their efforts to internationalize campuses. We would like to invite you and your institution to become a partner in the IAI and organize a free film screening of “Crossing Borders” at your campus. Intercultural programs have the potential to transform students to see the world from a different perspective and to realize their opportunities and responsibilities for global concerns. Through this initiative, we aim to bring this awareness on campuses to inspire cross-cultural empathy and encourage action for educated peace in a post-9/11 world.

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Screening Package
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Our vision is to enhance intercultural awareness in two areas:


• By demonstrating the current attitudes of American youth in a student survey, we aim to create buzz and highlight the necessity of activities that foster cross-cultural understanding in universities and other arenas.

• By providing an intercultural toolkit for faculty, we aim to support their efforts to internationalize campus life.

• By communicating the outcomes of the survey findings at intercultural conferences, we aim to highlight the need to internationalize college curricula.


• Activities which reflect specifically on issues about images of Muslims will heighten students’ awareness of hidden preconceptions and will develop self-reflective and critical thinking skills. The initiative has the potential to become a vibrant example and inspiration for students to widen their horizons and learn about other cultures.
• We experience that many students often have the personalities to benefit strongly and mature through intercultural programs but sometimes simply lack moments which awaken their personal interest. This initiative aims to create a bridge of inspiration between individuals’ stories and existing programs.

• Follow-up events are aimed to empower students to get involved in campus groups, organize events themselves, become aware of issues, and know how to use existing resources to take action on personal, community, and global levels.