The film Crossing Borders is a truly powerful tool to support positive social change and to empower students to think beyond borders Missy Gluckmann, International Services Coordinator, WCSU

“Crossing Borders’ is an amazingly powerful film that makes you stop and think about your place in the world and the infinite and complex threads of race, culture, and class that connect us.” Julie Leitman, Regional Director, Academic Programs International

“Crossing Borders is a revolutionary film that brings the pressing global issue of interfaith relations out of the bias-filled news media directly to my generation.” Student Kendra Lima, Merrimack College

“I think my life up until this point has unfortunately been very sheltered, secluded and has caused me to have some stereotypes. Seeing Crossing Borders gave me a totally new view on different cultures.” Student Ashley Bock, Central Connecticut State University

“The film makes you want to get up and be proactive and fight for people who have less opportunities.” Student Kelsey Binne, Student at Merrimack College

“Intercultural activities such as this film screening help us to better understand each other. We are able to see that there is more to life than the small part we live in and have experienced.” Student Danielle Vizena, Merrimack College

Example of Student responses to questions asked Before and After screening “Crossing Borders”. Please see the following links: