Please find below a brief overview of what students are doing today.

  • Kimberly:
    lives in New York City, USA
    graduated and works for an education program with the YMCA
  • Hamida:
    lives in Rabat, Morocco
    graduated and works for the British Council
  • Deanna:
    lives in Washington/DC, USA
    graduated and works as a para-legal for a non-profit law firm
    is planning to enter law school in Fall 2011
  • Manal:
    lives in Tanger, Morocco
    graduated and got married
  • David:
    lives in Brooklyn, USA
    graduated and develops his acting skills and philosophical wisdoms
  • Rochd:
    lives in Casablanca, Morocco
    graduated and entered a Masters program
    visited Tim on his semester abroad in Cairo
  • Fatah:
    lives in Sale’, Morocco
    continues being an active member in the Youth Project in Sale’
    was selected by the UN to be a trainer for projects in Turkey, Jordan
  • Tim:
    lives in Washington/DC, USA
    spent a semester studying Arabic in Cairo
    graduated and entered a Master program in Arabic studies at Georgetown University