Steps For Hosting a CB Screening Event

1. Revue the PDF Logistic Details for a CB screening
2. Please fill in the “Registration Form” and send it to: [email protected]
3. Please order your DVD or online version by writing to our colleague Liz Donovan at [email protected]
4. The DVD or online version of the film Crossing Borders will be posted to you
5. Please check the other links on this page “Create a Screening”. We placed here supportive materials for your screening event such as:
discussion guide, poster, student flyer, quiz, resources, etc.
6. If appropriate: we invite you to create 20-30 min time in your class before the screening in
order to prepare your students for the event (provided materials: survey, quiz, articles, etc.)
7. We invite you to plan the logistic arrangements to prepare the event with the support of the PDF “Checklist for organizing”
8. Feel free to use the PRESS KIT on this website in case you are reaching out to local press.

Please review details in following links: